“Professional, clear and appreciated the examples from a primary school perspective. Excellent practical ideas and demonstrations.”

Next course Saturday 13 May at Bondi Public School NSW

This introductory one-day course introduces the methodology and practice of philosophical inquiry and demonstrates how to effectively promote creative and critical inquiry in the classroom.

Completing this course will contribute six hours of QTC registered PD towards providing Proficient Teacher accreditation with the NSW Education Standards Authority (formerly BOSTES).  It is recommended that participants follow this practicum up with the Foundation Day Two. This course is conducted by FAPSA and SAPERE accredited teacher trainers with extensive classroom experience.

Session 1: What Philosophy for Children (P4C) is and why we promote this as an effective methodology for critical and creative thinking.

An introduction to the theory and practice of P4C, how it differs from traditional classroom practice, what is meant by a community of philosophical inquiry (CPI) and how P4C can enhance and complement current teaching practice. This session includes a practical Philosophy lesson where all participants will engage and participate, an examination of the pattern of inquiry and examples of how this can be customised for any stage or any subject area.

Session 2:  We think but do we think well?

This session identifies a variety of inquiry tools which are explicitly introduced to provide students with the skills to conduct in-depth inquiry. This session includes a special focus on the art of questioning by demonstrating different questioning techniques to promote inquiry.

Session 3:  Better than brainstorming

The afternoon session explores a variety of techniques to explore abstract concepts both in the primary and secondary environments.

Session 4:  Where to from here?

Reflections, questions and expectations.

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